A versatile artist, Satish Gupta is India's celebrated painter, sculptor, poet, writer, printmaker, skilled draftsman, muralist, designer, calligrapher and ceramicist all in one.

Winning the Sanskriti award at an early stage in his career, his work honed through a deep engagement with mysticism and Zen spirit, has been exhibited in more than 37 solo shows at important art galleries within the country and abroad including those in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkotta, Dubai, Bahrain, Antananarivo, London, Paris, Altea, Murcia, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Vancouver, Ottawa, San Francisco, New York, Washington and Melbourne.

Wings of Eternity’ a multimedia event with an aerial dance by Isha Sherwani and live gestural calligraphy by the artist on stage was presented at The Royal Opera House in Mumbai.

He did an Art Residency at St Moritz sponsored by Reine Victoria Hotel, Basu foundation for the Arts and OFC which inspired him to paint the glaciers and the waterfalls.

Gupta made a painting “MA” which was 1.6 kilometre long on the beach in Puducherry. Many dancers interpreted the five elements and danced along with him as he painted the canvas – perhaps the longest in the world. Mahesh Vinayakram created live music to inspire the artist. This work MA on the five elements was to bring awareness to the public about the need to conserve our resources and protect the environment. The Aurodhan Gallery presented the work and Vardhman sponsored the canvas.

Satish created works inspired by a visit to Mongolia.On a visit to Normandy beach in France he painted‘Roaring Sea — Still Mind’ while attending a peaceconference at Tapovan ashram. He also exhibited hisZen scrolls there.

He visited Nagaland to observe the migration of theAmur Falcon which led to writing some haikus andcreating sculptures.

‘Zen whispers’ an exhibition of his works waspresented at the Sutra Foundation in Kuala Lampur.Ramli Ibrahim – the internationally acclaimed Odissidancer who is the national living treasure of Malaysiaand Geetikashri danced and interacted with himwhile he painted a canvas on stage.

His sculptures were exhibited in the show “i Sculpt2”at The India International Centre in New Delhi.

“Zen Whispers“ his book was released at The Jaipur Literature Festival 2018. He has been a participant in many poetry conferences internationally. His writings have been published in English, Spanish and Catalan.

His works are in the permanent collection of the National Gallery Of Modern Art, New Delhi. Recently his sculptures along with some canvasses were acquired by The Museum Of Sacred Arts, Brussels and were exhibited in the show "Forms of Devotion" in Thailand and in the Shanghai Museum of Modern Art.

Satish's 23 feet sculpture in Copper "The Buddhas Within" is in the permanent collections of the Prince Of Wales Museum (CMVS) in Mumbai.

In early 2017 he painted live at the National Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana along with a showing of his calligraphic scrolls.

His sculpture 'Mandala' was exhibited as one of the finalists for prestigious The Art Laguna Prize 2017 at Arsenal in Venice. His works were exhibited at The Venice Biennale 2017.

He exhibited his works works at The Deborah Colton Gallery in Houston and at Roberta English Gallery in San Francisco in 2017.

Satish's large sculpture on The Sun God can be seen at the International Airport in New Delhi. He has also created a 30 feet long mural for the Bengaluru International Airport.

Another monumental 5 piece metal sculpture ranging from 11.5 feet to 35 feet in height and weighing over 22,000 pounds inspired by the five primal elements, is located at the Jindal Center in New Delhi.

His sculptures, wall murals and paintings are the signature works at the Leela Palace hotel in New Delhi and The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bengaluru.

Satish's Utsav Murti of the the goddess Linga Bharavi, resides in the main temple at Sadhguru's Isha foundation in Coimbatore.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama wrote a foreword for Satish's book of short stories and haikus "I am the dewdrop, I am the ocean." and Deepak Chopra has written the foreword for his portfolio "Zen Space".

The artist collaborated with India's Prime Minister, Narendar Modi on a Sculpturepainting "Om Namo Shivaya" for a charitable cause which was auctioned by the Sotheby's.

Satish was invited to create a lithograph as part of the official Olympic portfolio as the only Indian artist amongst a few other other international artists- Sandro Chia, Janice Kounellis and Mimmo Paladino.

Satish delivered a TEDx Talk at IIT Roorkee, titled "A flower Does not talk".

In 2016 a film on his works was screened at the Estampa art fair in Madrid and at the Asiatica Film Mediale in Rome. Known for its special meditative quality, Satish Gupta's art is created at his studio Zazen on the outskirts of Delhi, surrounded by a zen garden of his own design.