Medium - Copper with patina and stainless steel, printed & Embroidered fabric
Dimensions - 18'x 16', Scrolls vary from 16" x 40" upto 16" x 70"

Reading the 12th century Persian poem by Attar of Nishapur got me thinking about the many layers of ego and ignorance that we constantly cloak ourselves in.

The poem is about different birds from all over the word gathering to find their leader, their king.

The wise Hoopee takes them in search of the mythical bird (Phoenix) who she says should be the king.

Each of the bird represents a human fault which hinders their enlightenment. One by one they drop out of the mission on some pretext or the other. Only thirty reach the lake- the abode of Simrogh. Instead of finding the mythical bird they see reflections of their own faces.

"The shadow and its maker are one and the same, So get over surfaces and delve into mysteries."

This sculpture is normally installed in the open air in my studio and I wonder if the birds that come and perch on it there are on a journey in search of knowledge similarly.